Hi everyone,
Hope you're all having a pleasant September. It's been busier than usual on this end, with the conclusion of my Pete Fernandez Mystery novel series, the launch of The Black Ghost from ComiXology, and some other stuff I can't talk about just yet.

You're getting this email because today marks the release of The Black Ghost #1, the first issue of our superhero noir series, co-written by me and Monica Gallagher, with art by George Kambadais, letters/design by Taylor Esposito, colors by Ellie Wright, and edits by Greg Lockard.

The Black Ghost works on two levels. One one hand, it's a love letter to the crime-centric vigilante comics we love, with hat tips and nods to the tropes and elements that come with those books. On the other, it's a flipping of the script to some degree, where the creative team tries its best to put a new, different spin on the expectations that come with reading street-level superhero characters. We had a blast putting it together, and everyone is doing some of the best work of their careers.

If you like the Pete books, enjoyed our Lethal Lit podcast, or dig Monica's Assassin Roommate webcomic, we think you'll enjoy our take on the superhero vigilante concept - and we think the last page of this first issue will take you by surprise!

You can grab the first issue at ComiXology and, if you're so inclined, you can subscribe to the series, too.

But don't take my word for it. Have a look at a few pages from the comic to gauge your interest:

The series was announced along with ComiXology's epic September slate at io9, and was featured by The New York Times as one of eight new series to check out this summer. Since then, it's gotten some love from The Hollywood Reporter, Smash Pages, Multiversity, Newsarama, Bleeding Cool, DoomRocket, and more.

But if you need more convincing, check out what some of the biggest names in comics have to say about the series:
Black Ghost is a wonderful comic. Inventive and fresh and full of mystery and mood.”

–Jeff Lemire, writer of Black Hammer, and Descender

The Black Ghost is the modern pulp hero story I didn’t know I couldn’t live without. Smart writing, engaging characters and drawn with real charisma, it manages to be both sweetly nostalgic and completely energizing to the beloved pulp tradition that is its inspiration. I can’t wait for more.”

–Gail Simone, writer of Wonder Woman, Birds of Prey, Secret Six, and Clean Room

“Seriously compelling, with a lead you can’t help but root for. Read this.”

–Mark Waid, best-selling author of Kingdom Come, Daredevil, and Archie

The Black Ghost promises an amalgam of genres that takes on the realities and challenges of our world today. This fusion takes the thrills and suspense of masked caped crusades and blends in the mysteries of contemporary investigative journalism to tell a story that’s both exciting and current.”

–Kelly Sue DeConnick, writer of Bitch Planet, Pretty Deadly, Aquaman and Captain Marvel

The Black Ghost is a great twist on classic pulpy superhero noir. Segura, Gallagher, and Kambadais have created a cast of characters and a world you’re going to want to come back to.”

–James Tynion IV, writer of Batwoman, Detective Comics, and The Woods

The Black Ghost comes with a hell of a first issue hook—the beginnings of a terrific mystery

full of potential.”

–Kelly Thompson, writer of Hawkeye, Uncanny X-Men, and Jessica Jones

But wait, what's The Black Ghost about? Here's a description of the first issue:

Burnt out cops reporter Lara Dominguez finds herself on the defensive, battling back thugs attacking one of her GED-prep students after class. There's a new player on the Creighton crime scene, she's told. Lara moved to Creighton to escape her past in Miami, and found a new obsession - the city's debonair vigilante, The Black Ghost. Unable to focus on anything else - and goaded on by her cyber-connection, LONE - Lara faces a crossroads: continue on a mad crusade to unmask the Ghost in search of a scoop, or find herself in the line of fire?

If you've already pre-ordered the book - you can still help by spreading the word! You can share the buy link for the first issue, or if Twitter's your jam, RT this post.

Thanks, as always, for reading! Hope you survive your first trip through the mean streets of Creighton!

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