Thank you

THE DUSK is funded - so what's next?

Hey there! Hope you’re doing well.

I’ll try my best to keep this brief. The subject line really says it all: THANK YOU.

As of yesterday morning, THE DUSK is fully funded on Kickstarter. What does that mean? Well, barring any last-minute hijinks, it means Elizabeth, David, Ellie, Taylor, Joe, Ominous Press and I can tell the story we’ve wanted to tell, the way we want to tell it. And that’s a rare and blessed thing.

But it also means the book is happening, so if you were dragging your feet, unsure if this would be a reality - now you can dive in, back the campaign, and know you’ll be getting a copy of the book. If we hit certain numbers, we’ll also be able to unlock some really cool stretch goals.

The last few weeks have been a flurry of new art, updates, and the like - so it’s understandable if some stuff got lost in the white noise of social media. Here’s a recap:

We added this fantastic Dusk/Midnight Tiger team-up shot from MT co-creator and artist, Ray-Anthony Height. RAH is one of the best dudes in comics, a fantastic artist, and good friend. My jaw dropped when I saw this. You can only get this image if you back the graphic novel itself:

Speaking of the graphic novel - we unveiled a rare variant, meaning an alternate cover, for the book by the legendary Pete Woods - who’s drawn every major character in comics and continues to evolve and grow as an artist. On top of that, Pete is a stand-up person. If you’d like this image on the cover of the book, you just need to choose it as your reward:

Beautiful, right?

But that’s not all.

We’ve got a lot of amazing original art rewards, too. If you bid on them, you don’t just get a pinup or lobby card, you get the actual original artwork to frame in your humble abode!

Check out this stunning, noir masterpiece by the super-talented Adam Gorham:

We’ve also got original art from Dean Haspiel, Robert Hack, Drew Edward Johnson, and series co-creator and artist David Hahn!

Imagine any of these pieces hanging over your computer! Pretty great, I think.

So, yeah, I know I promised to keep this short - but again, THANK YOU for your support, thanks in advance for any future pledges that come in during our last 24 hours, and I can’t wait to keep you updated on how this project comes together!

We are so excited to bring The Dusk to you - and hope for many more tales in this world in the years to come.

Welcome to Blackstone!