A quick update on THE DUSK

We're halfway to our Kickstarter funding goal with 20 days to go. Can you help us get across the finish line?

Hey friends!

First off - thank you so much for the great support for THE DUSK. In just a few days, we were more than halfway funded, and that’s a testament to how much you all believe in our idea of an all-ages crimefighter. Now, with 20 or so days left, I’d love to just lock it down and pivot to making this comic a reality! But the truth is, David, Liz, Joe, Ellie, Taylor, and I can only do that with your help!

I won’t take up too much of your time, but if you’re still on the fence - please consider backing the project now.

We just unveiled an amazing lobby card tier that features art from greats like Greg Smallwood, Liana Kangas, Dean Haspiel, George Kambadais, Shawn McGuan, and many of the iconic covers we debuted at launch. Check these out!

Here’s a closer look at some of the new ones:

We also unveiled some more original art tiers, after the initial wave was gobbled up on our first day. You can snag the original linework for Dean Haspiel’s great DUSK/RED HOOK team-up shot, or Tom Nguyen’s baseball-themed pinup. As some of you know, Dean rarely sells original pieces, so this is going to go fast.

Need more? I can understand that. And hey, what’s a newsletter without a good tease? How about a look at an upcoming pinup from the one and only Wilfredo Torres?

Isn’t that beautiful? Getting some major NEXUS vibes.

Well, it can be yours…just stay tuned!

We’ll also be adding some original artwork by our very own co-creator/artist, David Hahn. Let’s just say, if you liked the preview pages we showed off on the campaign page…you might be able to own them! That’ll be part of our Week 3 initiative.

Again, thanks for your support. Kickstarters are a marathon, and I realize it can get tiresome to keep hearing from people about it.

I’ll do my best only to bug you when there’s new stuff to show or share!

Talk soon,